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View Diary: Let's Make Sure We Have No Option But Factory Farmed Food. Mmm! (262 comments)

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  •  Food security equals "homeland security"... (2+ / 0-)
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    misreal, polar bear

    To me, "food safety" tops the list when it comes to "keeping Americans safe" because increasing number of Americans are being diagnosed with cancers, diabetes, heart disease, alongside all the other illnesses caused by consuming unhealthy food. And the monetary cost of these diseases that dominoes onto our health care system is catastrophic, as we know. We went after "factory produced food" thinking it meant cheap food for the people while tons of $$$$$ for the corporations,which is a win, win, right? Wrong.It is a lose, lose. The following are few points how the so called utopic efficiency of factory produced food is poisoning us while also causing economic diseaster for everyone including the corporations.

    a) It is poisonous to environment
    b) It is not healthy for our bodies
    c) It doesn't taste good
    d) It is abusive to animals
    e) It is bad for our souls (call it psyche, if you wish)
    f) Corporations will not continue profiting when all goes to hell in the country.

    -I do not know why would the Democrats want "factory food only" nation; it doesn't make any sense.

    As I said above, food safety issue is more urgent and potentially destructive in the long term than dealing with the terrrorists. We should take it seriously.

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