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    I'm becoming a breathatarian, and will live on nothing but air. Even tho the air is polluted.

    I grew up in the 50s/60s, and my Mom had an organic garden every years. We lived in a small town, and when she couldn't grow what she needed, she could generally get from a man who drove his horse and wagon into town a few times a week and sold produce from his farm right on the street.

    He put 5 kids through college (which was a lot cheaper at that time) with his produce wagon. When I was in high school, the local grocery store owners had him banned for "not being a commercial enterprise".

    My Mom was considered a quack back then because she wouldn't let us eat Wonder Bread or have a lot of sugary drinks and snacks. Also because she kept talking about this "organic" thing.

    She would drive out to the country and get unpasteurized milk for us to drink, and butter.

    Some people will rail against this saying we could have died. Yeah, but we could also die from all the anti-biotics/hormones/pesticides, etc. in foods now. From the drug-resistant strains of bacteria that even invades our hospitals and can't be controlled by us. We could also die from immune systems that are becoming more and more compromised.

    By the way, most people in my family died in the 60s or 70s, and many suffered long, slow deaths and were filled with all kinds of medicines that reduced their quality of life. Some of them had very little life at all, but took hundreds of dollars worth of medication each month. It's like they were barely kept alive so they could feed the bank accounts of the pill factories.

    Mom lived to be 89, still had her vision, hearing, thinking processes. She refused to take medication, preferring to eat well and take her vitamins. She didn't not suffer a long protracted death in which she had a low-functioning quality of life.

    So for me, I'll take her way. No to big agriculture. Yes to family farms.

    "If religion is the opiate of the masses, then fundamentalism is the amphetamine." Miz Vittitow

    by MillieNeon on Mon May 11, 2009 at 09:53:10 AM PDT

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