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    Perhaps you could explain your rationale?  I didn't pull that comparison out of thin air - it's one that has been made by several other people, and I borrowed it.  The reason for the comparison is that homeopathy appears to defy accepted biochemical principles, just as quantum physics applears to defy accepted physics principles.  And there are interesting theories (unproven) that link how homeopathy functions to principles of quantum physics.

    Unfortunately, most of my books are packed up right now because we're moving, so I can't provide scientific citations easily.  Off the top of my head, I remember that there was a good study on the use of homeopathy to treat childhood diarrhea in Africa, and I found this reference list through a quick search.  Most of the studies and references on homeopathy come from European sources, since homeopathy is more widely practiced in Europe than in the US.

    As for hearsay,I was sharing my direct experience with treating animals with homeopathy and getting objective verifiable results, in response to Mad Scientist's comment about placebo effects.  As just one example, we cured a mare with EPM using homeopathy.  And I have worked closely with other farmers who have treated animals with severe diarrhea and respiratory illnesses using homeopathy.  As Mad Scientist said -- the sick animals don't know that we expect the treatment to work.

    I'm not suggesting anyone "rely" on what I write in a short comment on a blog.  I would hope that some people would be interested in hearing about farmers' real-world experiences in taking care of animals in ways that do not require the use of antibiotics.

    Support small farms! Go to

    by judith2007 on Mon May 11, 2009 at 12:31:02 PM PDT

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