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View Diary: Morning Feature: Low Taxes: Pennywise and Pound Foolish? (155 comments)

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    ...OTUS NEWS
    Taxachussets is cutting down and curtailing. Our problems are not as grave and our legislature not as dumb.
    Although it did take several crashes due to drivers' texting to convince the Senate to drop its long-standing opposition to making texting while driving illegal.

    Pity to you FLers and others. I admit to passivity on this point. With BSRH out of the school system and a benevolent town government that provides the services I need, I can dedicate myself to national politics.

    BTW, and I hope this is not thread hijacking:
    There is a wonderful opportunity to do a memorial day action with a small contribution that can go a very long way.

    [Trinagle Fire Victims]and [leaders of the union strike of 1910] Bertha Kulla and Pauline Horowitz have rested in unmarked graves at Mt Richmond Cemetery in Staten Island, NY for 98 years. Jacob Bernstein is buried near them. His headstone had been damaged beyond repair years ago by a badly overgrown tree stump. The wonderful people at the Hebrew Free Burial Society, who own Mt Richmond Cemetery, have given me permission to restore all three of their graves and to provide long over due memorials for Bertha and Pauline.The stones would be purchased through the Society. The total cost for each tree foot tall, granite marker including foundation, inscription and installation is only $750.00. The complete cost is $2200.00 for all three. Unfortunately, Hebrew Free Burial places their yearly monument order only once a year at the end of May so my time is running out. Would any of you be willing to make a contribution to this cause? Even a small donation would be helpful if enough of you join me in this mitzvah of remembrance.


    rumor is

    SCOTUS pick soon, perhaps as soon as today

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