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  •  Thank you -- I think they conclude... (0+ / 0-) has been a success in getting people covered,  but controlling health care costs will be a problem looking forward:

    Two years following passage of comprehensive health care reform, Massachusetts has been largely successful in expanding coverage to the uninsured. Over time, from Massachusetts we will learn the extent to which an individual mandate for health insurance coverage is enforceable and leads to broader coverage and whether statewide purchasing pools, such as the Commonwealth Connector, can provide affordable health insurance options for those without coverage. Continued success will depend on controlling health care cost growth and holding together the coalition of stakeholders that came together around the broad tenets of health reform. All eyes will remain on Massachusetts as it continues to carve a path toward comprehensive health care reform and as the nation debates national health care reform.

    I also found this page from the Mass Connector Authority, which has links to what looks like a fairly comprehensive fact sheet.  

    Beginning July 1, 2008, premiums for the unsubsidized Commonwealth Choice program rose by an average of 5% over July 1, 2007. This is in sharp contrast to the typical double-digit percent annual increases experienced by employer-sponsored and non-group plans in Massachusetts prior to healthcare reform.

    Again, higher than expected costs for the state, but good improvements in coverage.  

    I haven't found a source for my own assertion that premiums in Mass are expected to be zero or negative next year, but I believe it's accurate.

    •  Less than overall inflation (0+ / 0-)

      I think during that period US inflation was approaching 6%, if you can swallow the government numbers.  Real inflation might have been several points higher.

      So I'd say it's too soon to tell.  The current deflation will make it very hard to compare the prices of anything from Q3 2008 forward; some things are going up and others going down.

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