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View Diary: Janeane Garofalo vs The Tea Baggers - Round II w/Update X2 (326 comments)

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  •  I used to get this all the time (3+ / 0-)

    when I was a young and pretty woman, who just happened to have a naturally serious countenance.  Can't count the number of times a total stranger (always a man) would approach me and say "smile, it can't be that bad!"  That only made me crankier.

    Now I still have a serious face, plus a prominent forehead wrinkle, but since I'm a middle aged woman, I guess that makes me invisible---so men don't say that stuff to me anymore.  Or else they think I SHOULD be cranky.

    BTW, in defense of Janeane (who I've never met) her crankiness may be a result of growing up in ultra-conservative Katy, Texas, in a Republican family.  I can see where she didn't feel that she fit in, and she was undoubtedly given a lot of crap for her "differentness."  I am tangentially related to her family by marriage, and I would looove to see her show up at one of the extended family gatherings, just to watch the fireworks!

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