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View Diary: Janeane Garofalo vs The Tea Baggers - Round II w/Update X2 (326 comments)

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  •  Wow didn't know Garafalo was starving. (0+ / 0-)

    Is opposing a show that justifies the crime against humanity of torture the same as the arcane sausage making of the legislative process?

    24 and O'Reilly's checks all get signed by Murdoch, if she doesn't like what her employers are doing by promoting the racist teabaggers, she can quit.

    No that would take guts, better to flame her own celebrity with false piety.

    24 has been repeatedly cited on the floor of congress as a defense for torture, and the "ticking time bomb" is the entire schtick of the show!

    The military had to ask the writers to tone down the torture because it was giving soldiers bad ideas.

    24 is "just" a show, and Rush Limpbaugh is "just" an entertainer.

    •  I'm not going to judge the woman (0+ / 0-)

      for taking an acting job.

      You go right ahead.

    •  And you know what? (0+ / 0-)

      It's a fictional show.

      You're pretty much doing the same thing O'Reilly does; being unable to distinguish between fiction and reality.

      Are we to boycott all fiction that features heroes who participate in torture? REALLY? You really want to go down that road? That's about three steps away from advocating banning fiction that features heroes that participate in torture.

      I'll tell you something... sometimes I find it hard to distinguish between hardcore left wingers and hard core right wingers. They meet each other coming around the bend at a fork in the road called "Fascism." Watch a film called Doctor Zhivago and get back to me.

      •  24 is "just" fiction, and Limpbaugh is "just" an (0+ / 0-)


        Your slippery slope argument is misplaced.  A critique is not a call for censorship.

        1. Torture is not a partisan issue it is a crime against humanity.
        1. I am not a "hard core left winger" I am a hard core human rights supporter.
        1. By definition "heroes" in fiction don't torture, torturers are villians regardless of motive.  

        IMHO the original pro-Bush writers on 24 crossed the line between depicting a story and consciously glorifying crimes against humanity.

        1. Pasternak huh?

        I have a degree in Russian history from the University of Michigan and lived in Moscow for a year in the late 90's.

        I have seen with my own eyes the former torture chambers of the KGB in Riga Latvia and lived next to Lefortovo Prison in Moscow.

        I have also read Pasternak in Russian.  

        Maybe you should read a book instead of thinking you know everything after seeing the movie.

        (the root "zhiv" translates to english as both "life" and "stomach", and is important to concept of the mystical russian soul that can endure and survive any oppression or deprivation.  I love Dr. Zhivago, but he is passive, which is unamerican, unless you approve of Nixon's "silent majority")

        In school I slogged through plenty of RAPP Sovlit that extolled the virtues of the NKVD and KGB in rooting out anti-revolutionaries, and they were nowhere as compelling as 24.  And it wasn't "just" fiction.

        Your flippant implication that my critique of an actress and a television show is somehow equivalent to either the politburo's treatment of Pasternak's nobel prize, or of the character Zhivago's abuse by the bolsheviks and white army is an insult to actual (not fictional) victims of the Soviet Union and its propaganda.

        Like Jack Bauer KGB operatives thought that they only tortured terrorists.

        Mohammed Ali gave up his boxing license at the height of his prowess to protest Vietnam.  If Garafalo actually cared about opposing the racism of the teabaggers she could quit Newscorp in protest over it.

        As for the O'Reilly comparison... fuck you.  

        I am not the one who has trouble with reality, it is O'Reilly and his republican ilk who constantly cite Garafalo's current meal ticket to justify torture. (ie torture to stop the illusory "imminent attack")

        Finally please show me an example of "left facism" you worry about meeting by critiquing her Holiness Janeane.  Fascism, though currently misused by republicans, is a distinct political philosophy of the right not the left.  

        I think you are confusing "fascism" with "totalitarianism" and/or "authoritarianism"

        •  We (0+ / 0-)

          Are going to have to agree to disagree.

          I believe that castigating an actress for the jobs she takes is taking a first step on a slippery slope to censoring art.

          That is the last thing I have to say about this.

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