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View Diary: Will M..E. Peace => internal values crisis in Am. Jewish community? (299 comments)

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  •  Less killing is good. (5+ / 0-)

    Justice is good too.

    But the problem I have is that the non-racist approach isn't even on the table. volleyboy1 called Joe a bigot for simply advocating it, and noted how calling for a one-state solution is a dog-whistle for... well, I'm not quite sure what exactly.

    Basically those who work from impartial first principles, principles that the USA were founded on, are knee-jerk accused of bigotry for not going along with the two-state plan... which IS ostensibly racist.

    I think some on the anti-P side of the debate really would prefer a racist Jewish-first state and have argued at length for it. Nobody else can be trusted to protect the Jews, etc etc.

    •  It's not on the table because (4+ / 0-)

      both sides have a lot of top leadership people who are pretty racist. You just can't reason with them on that level.

      •  That makes sense for THEIR table. (4+ / 0-)

        Doesn't make sense on DK though, does it?

        We should be calling out both sides for their racist leadership wherever possible, and keep pushing for the principled solution. If we simply must give up principle and justice to obtain peace, it should be after a lot of kicking and screaming, and with the understanding that once we've got peace, we can seriously move on to equality once again.

        But let's aim for what we know and believe is right, not give up before we even start.

        In the meantime, when I hear someone say that Israel must retain racist policies for the safety of the Jewish people, I'll continue to call it as I see it.

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