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View Diary: Will M..E. Peace => internal values crisis in Am. Jewish community? (299 comments)

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    Do you know that each of the refugee camps are mainly made of people from the same family/village?  

    i didn't know

    The negotiations between the PA and Israel do not ask for the input of the diaspora or those inside.

    that would be fraught w/problems, of course they should be included.

    What happens to Palestinian Israelis in a two state solution?

    i wonder how many israeli politicians are indicating this would part of any plan? it just seems like it would exacerbate strife to the max. i would imagine they would try to bargain wrt the settlers which is part of the MO of cramming them in there as fast as humanly possible.

    there's no doubt about it, the whole thing is a big clusterfuck.

    It is being imposed on us by Israel and the West to get Israel a solution. It is not a Palestinian solution.

    i guess i see the current status as an either/ or. either try to find a way w/2 states(the compromise), or a continuation of the occupation. i would love nothing more than one whole non racist state, but i'm not hearing any politicians (except the ex politician avraham burg) talking about this. there are lots of people in the peace movement who want one state but it is hard for me to fathom the monolithic israel ever going for this. i will continue speaking my mind and support the ideal whenever i can, but given the options do you think it is better to not compromise and hold out for a one state, given that the likelihood the occupation and settlements expansion would just escalate during the time period between now and when an eventual one state deal may be worked out.. in possibly decades?

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