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    that after doing a lot of thinking and reading and listening, I strongly support Jennifer Brunner as the stronger of the two leading candidates. Yes, Lee Fisher raised a pile of money but that feat is made less impressive by the fact that: a. a significant number of his donors maxxed out for both primary and general b. a lot of family contributed and maxxed out; loans from family are also included c. his money heavily comes from the Jewish community on the east side of Cuyahoga County, which suggests lack of widespread ELECTORAL appeal. He's got to appeal outside that base.

    I have a deep concern about ANY candidate from Northeast Ohio for two reasons. One is that the area is Democratic and will be regardless of who runs. We're better off with a candidate who is from elsewhere in the state. The other is that there are investigations and potential scandals of Democratic officials in the county now. They don't involve Lee but Republican ads won't differentiate — they'll use it against him.

    Fisher's lack of name recognition after so many years running statewide concerns me; Jennifer is a newcomer and they are running neck and neck.

    I also think Jennifer will have an advantage against Portman as a woman that Lee will not have, especially since (I know it sounds shallow but people are influenced by shit like this) Portman is young, slick and good-looking, after a fashion, and Lee is kind of homely, balding and looks older than he is. Jennifer won't invite direct comparisons, plus many people will vote for a woman's name. It's a well-known plus factor. If she had an Irish name, it would be even better!

    Finally, I just think Jennifer would make a better Senator. Lee's experience is more executive and I don't see him as being nearly as effective in a situation that requires building relationships from a very junior position.

    Rob Portman: He sent your job to China.

    by anastasia p on Wed May 13, 2009 at 09:44:27 PM PDT

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