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  •  Let's extend things the right way: (0+ / 0-)

    Extend the tax districts state-wide, with Federal equalization of tax base per capita.

    Start there.

    Then let EDUCATORS meet and design a state-by-state solution, with local imput, and refusing to throw out a balanced approach to testing if it supports statistically meaningful, information-rich combination of objective and subjective criteria.

    Begin funding regional teacher's colleges, with online emphasis, for improving one's knowledge about the subject taught, and general best-practices research.

    Reintroduce group music and dance at the elementary level, with a good period of recreation, and a  45 minute (minimum) lunch.

    Create working groups between K-12 and colleges, and give them the legal support to recommend legislation--after banning business lobbying for educational laws at state and federal levels.

    Begin a sustained effort to corral the mass media so that it mitigates its damage of the social fabric, and begins to model respect for education (beyond bottom-line arguments, even), and explore vigorously the usefulness of various disciplines--not just the hard sciences, though to see that in the general media that reaches for the money of the young would be manna from heaven.

    And start three-language education in the elementary school.

    That would be a good start--a Monday in a six-day re-creation of our school systems by the gods of education.

    Sorry if this is a bit silly-sounding, but I am exhausted after a semester of teaching, and will finally get some rest after I stop typing and go to bed. Oh, one more note: I also think merit pay (outside possibly a few targeted programs)is a dollar-consuming Chimera.

    Habeas Corpus:See Hamilton quoting Blackstone in The Federalist Papers, number 84.

    by Ignacio Magaloni on Fri May 15, 2009 at 01:28:24 AM PDT

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