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    Unitary Moonbat

    The problem, imho, with charter schools is that they rely on the model more than the teachers - a school or district that wants to be successful should invest first in quality faculty...

    I certainly agree, but I think you are making a case for charter schools. A district should do as you say, invest in professional development and a quality faculty. If they fail to, why not start some teacher-centric charter schools that do value educators? Many districts simply don't value their educators as they should.

    There is something you should know. Our new State Senator Johnson did not run a charter school, he ran a district school in Mapleton School district. It was mistakedly reported as a charter school because a lot of reporters don't know the difference. Mapleton School District has no charter schools.

    You still need to have me come to your class. No time this year, but next fall make sure to invite me. Contact my scheduler Danielle at our Boulder office.

    Congressman Jared Polis

    •  I'll do that. Tried to get in to see you (0+ / 0-)

      when you came by my school last fall, but the room was more than packed by the time got to the door.  Many of my students did make it in, though, and were impressed not only by what you had to say, but by the fact that you'd spend time in an election year talking to constituents who by definition couldn't vote for you.

      Regarding that rhetorical question, I guess I'd turn it around on you: Why not get rid of the middle man, and re-double our efforts to have our educators valued in public schools?  As we speak, the Boulder Valley School District is coming apart at the seams over the District's "last best offer" to our negotiations team: a 0% COLA, a 1% one-time bonus payoff, and 2 extra days of professional development - even as districts around the state are inking deals for anywhere between 2.5% and 6.25%.  BVSD is one of only a few holdout that are trying to hoard their stimulus money, presumably to pay for outrageous annual bonuses and other programs of dubious efficacy before they'll consent to talking about teacher pay keeping up with the rate of inflation.  I plan on putting up a diary on this around 7 Mountain on Sunday night, and would be honored if you got a chance to stop by the Cave of the Moonbat for a teacher's perspective.

      Sorry if I made it sound as though MESA is a charter school; I know it's not, though like most "small schools" initiatives, it is based on a charter-style model.  It also doesn't change the fact that students in Senator Johnston's school and district are doing measurably worse than they were before Superintendent Ciancio drove the place into the ground.  I'm actually pretty familiar with the story of Mapleton's re-invention of itself - if you've got some time on a plane ride home one of these days, and don't mind an exhaustively long diary, I'd be honored if you'd check out An Educator Hears A Dog Whistle in the Obamamercial.

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