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View Diary: Mother of U.S. Marine Who Was Waterboarded Rips Cheney, Others (235 comments)

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  •  I'm still trying to (8+ / 0-)

    figure out what the SERE program was designed to prepare soldiers for.

    a relatively new defense has emerged, from GOP members of congress, columnist Charles Krauthammer,  Fox News' Jim Angle, and many others:  Waterboarding can't be torture because we used it on "thousands" of our own troops as part of their training!

    Apparently the answer is not "torture."  

    The very structure of this right-wing argument is crazy.  If you practice x so as to be prepared for x when x happens in real life, therefore x is not x.

    I wonder why the right-wingers think soldiers were waterboarded in the first place, since that clearly has nothing to do with torture, in their minds, whatever torture might be.

    I'm sorry, the first time I heard this right-wing argument I thought it was so jaw-droppingly stupid that it could not gain traction.  Apparently I was wrong.

    Space. It seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you. -- Fry, Futurama

    by LithiumCola on Sat May 16, 2009 at 12:25:21 PM PDT

    •  It's impossible to take Krauthammer seriously. (2+ / 0-)
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      kurt, Loose Fur

      That the conclusion one must come to.

      Waterboarding can't be torture because we used it on "thousands" of our own troops as part of their training!

      This is equivalent to saying that driving a vehicle in excess of the speed limit can't be illegal because every day "thousands" of people drive a vehicle at the speed limit without getting a speeding ticket.

      Or, more generally the equivalency becomes "What you think is true can't be the truth because there's certainly another opinion somewhere out there that states that it's false.

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