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  •  That was very interesting (0+ / 0-)

    I especially liked this part:

    Where our minds end and our bodies begin has always been a mysterious boundary, and modern science has become punctuated by studies that evidence that optimists are healthier than pessimists and that pessimists are more prone to dementia.

    Optimists are also more successful in life than pessimists. The reason is that pessimists are people who have difficulty lying to themselves. A pessimist is someone who has reached a conclusion about the world, but we do not really know or understand the world so the conclusion is very likely to be in error. Pessimists will say to themselves, "Everything is fixed, you can never win." Then they act on this erroneous belief and therefore fail.

    Optimists on the other hand habitually lie to themselves and tell themselves everything is fine when perhaps it may not be. But the odds are that things are nowhere near as dire as the pessimists think they are. But the pessimists will not act, their cynicism and despair prevents them, while the optimists will, therefore they have the advantage.

    We do not know the world, we do not know the future, but many believe they do. They are mistaken.

    Well I run to the river, it was boilin' I run to the sea, it was boilin' I run to the sea, it was boilin' All on that day

    by MnplsLiberal on Sun May 24, 2009 at 10:02:30 AM PDT

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