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View Diary: An Open Letter to David "Hack" Gregory (70 comments)

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  •  I'm rooting for Rachel (1+ / 0-)
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    I know some here find her too "snarky" or something.  But she's clearly the only one who prepares as well as Russert used to.  It's pretty clear she devours everything she can read and I love the fact that she doesn't own a television, so she's not myopically tuned to the tube's "outrage du jour".

    She's intelligent, fair, tough without being nasty.  And I also think it's a huge plus that she's as young as she is.  It would position MTP well vis a vis the competition; she has a credibility with the blogging generation that still manages to appeal to other demographics.

    Of course, I thought they should have picked Rachel in the first place.  But I did realize the internal revolt and resentment that would cause.  Now that they've seen the complete failure that is Gregory, maybe that would quiet some of that.

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