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View Diary: Did Obama teach Liz Cheney at Law School? (36 comments)

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    I wonder what her take on it was, too, if she took a class from him. It's interesting that, if she did, it hasn't come up.

    But, even more fundamentally, I'd be interested to know what he actually taught in the course. Given his decision on the gutting-FISA bill last summer and some of his decisions about (not) prosecuting constitutional criminals like Dick Cheney, I would be extremely interested to know exactly what his take on the Constitution really is. What does he think about things like spying on Americans in violation of the Fourth Amendment? What does he think about claims of executive immunity?

    I'd really like to get a copy of someone's notes from that class. It would be fascinating reading, I think.

    •  As for his opinions (4+ / 0-)

      Based on many readings of his viewpoints in the classroom, he NEVER made his opinions known.  A lot of students who have been interviewed have attested the same.

    •  My assumption is that one's decision (1+ / 0-)
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      as a politician is a lot more pragmatic than what a strict execution of what the constitution says would allow.

      -5.38, -5.90 Deus mihi iustitiam dabit.

      by cjallen on Sun May 17, 2009 at 11:10:15 PM PDT

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    •  Or you could look at these from NY Times (3+ / 0-)
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      Liberal Thinking, geordie, msmacgyver

      As a Professor, Obama Held Pragmatic Views on Court
      January 28, 2007)
      The Long Run: Teaching Law, Testing Ideas, Obama Stood Slightly Apart(July 30, 2008)
      The Caucus: Q&A With Legal Experts on Obama's Course Materials(July 30, 2008)
      Professor Obama's Syllabus: Current Issues of Racism and the Law(pdf)

      They won't make sense of your questions though. If you listened to his town halls during primary any related question got him speaking passionately on the unitary executive and why that was so wrong and the need for a balance of powers and how you always need checks even if you have no reason to suspect wrong doing, that you always need to have someone watching the watcher.
      He was going to have his AG go through bush's signing statements and executive orders and set aside anything possibly unconstitutional for him to review...
      You'd have liked that guy. We should have voted for him as President.


      some of his decisions about (not) prosecuting constitutional criminals like Dick Cheney

      Unless he has been calling you to tell you these "decisions" the only decisions we know on that was that he released those memos that were bound to set much in motion and that the public role he has chosen for himself is to promote this and to talk about moving ahead and going about being president.

      Seeing that he is a president with a lot to do and neither an investigator nor prosecutor that is likely wise. He released the memos and more are coming. That's the most important thing he could do here.
      If he issues pardons then I will start saying things about "some of his decisions about (not) prosecuting constitutional criminals like Dick Cheney"

      Until then I will bitch about other things he does that I disagree with and leave that one alone.

      •  I Understand (0+ / 0-)

        I understand what you're saying, but I'm not encouraged. Granted the real question is for the Justice Department to decide on pursuing indictments (as it stands), but decisions like not releasing the photos and various pleadings in courts that support expansive powers of the executive do not bode well for eventual prosecutions.

        I'm just taking action to make this all moot by creating a separate path to prosecutions. I'm hoping that the Obama Administration is still on a path to trials, but I can't count on them. Nothing in what I know about Obama leads me to believe that he or his administration want to see Bush-era officials go on trial, despite obvious, public and egregious violations of law.

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