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  •  If the Secret Service wants an Interview: (none)
    You have the Right to have an Attorney present. Use it.

    This is not just a technicality. While many (most?) Agents will be acting in good faith, even they will have cultural biases which may cause them to misconstrue your words, and report what they thought they heard.

    In Sept. 1996 I casually mentioned, as a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio, my intention to leaflet at a Gore appearance. Somehow this was reported to the SS as a plan to stage a "protest.

    Next day I got a call from a Madison Police Dept. officer informing me that the Secret Service wanted to "interview me." I agreed, but insisted that this occur in a public place, suggesting a coffee shop near the State Capitol. I tipped off a couple sympathetic reporters, who dressed out of character and sat at the next table. I brought my Attorney, and an openly displayed taperecorder.

    At first the Secret Service would not proceed with my tape running. when I explained my reluctance to proceed without a record, and told them that without it the interview was off, they relented.

    I explained that I planned only to leaflet, the local cop agreed that this was indeed my right, and offered what proved to be an ideal spot outside the building where the speech was to occur.

    Your Blunder War is showing.

    by ben masel on Sat Nov 13, 2004 at 08:59:49 PM PST

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