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  •  wouldn't dream of scoffing. (none)
    i'm the one who's been asking what's wrong with what franklin roosevelt said in january of 1941.

    josh marshall is quoted as saying repubs stand for lower taxes, braking cultural change and kicking ass in the world.

    does responsibility, opportunity and community cut it as a response? (i'm not trying to be snotty in asking this.) i think it's maybe an okay campaign slogan, but i liked gore's "we are for the people" better, because it's more direct. but i like roosevelt's words best, so i'll repeat them yet again:

         "Equality of opportunity for youth and others. Jobs for those who can work. Security for those who need it. The ending of privilege for the few. The preservation of civil liberties for all. The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living."

    if someone can articulate it better, that's what's needed. but the central vision is, for me, compelling and worth fighting for.

    We get a lot of advice. We tend to listen when somebody's won something. - Joe Lockhart

    by yankeedoodler on Sun Nov 14, 2004 at 01:42:19 AM PST

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    •  Pithy Statement of Democratic Values (none)
      How about something like:

      Democrats support progressive reform of the American economy and politics that works for everyone, not just a wealthy elite. Democrats insist upon individual freedom of expression, religion and conscience. Democrats favor building up American national security by leading a strong community of democratic nations that promote global justice and prosperity.

    •  Like your philosophy (none)
      And that's what I mean.  A governing philosophy.
      Repsonsiblity, Opportunity and Community wasn't a catchy slogan, it was a governing philosphy.

      We're for "people who work hard and play by the rules."  Responsibilty.

      We believe the government doesn't guarantee anything, but it must make "opportunity available for people to make the most of their own lives."

      And "without community, a common sense that we're all in this together, our common cause with our fellow citizens, we'll forever be gridlocked improving no one's lives, achieving nothing."

      Now, we don't have to be Clintonites.  As philosphy it was better than what we actually got...but, it's an example of what I mean.

      I can't give your narrative a three word treatment, but, we will.  Somebody will.

      "But your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore"--Prine

      by Cathy on Sun Nov 14, 2004 at 10:17:17 AM PST

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