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    Frederick Clarkson

    During the Civil War at least one in every seven white Southerners fought against treason by joining the Union Army. Every state except for South Carolina sent at least one brigade to fight against the Confederacy. Add to that the over 200,000 African-American soldiers and sailors -- many of them Southern by birth -- who also fought to save the Union.

    Notable Union military leaders of Southern Heritage were Admiral David Farragut, hero of the Battle of Mobile Bay;  General George Henry Thomas, known as the "The Rock of Chickamauga;" and General Montgomery Meigs, who founded Arlington National Cemetery as a final resting place for the Union dead, even burying his own son there in 1864 ( Meigs choose Arlington, Robert E. Lee's former home, in anger at his pre-war commander who he considered a traitor).  At the head of Sherman's March was pro-Union Alabama cavalry.

    And what happened if any of these true Southern heroes were captured by the Confederates? Well, when General Pickett (of Gettysburg fame) had troops under his command foraging in North Carolina they often fought skirmishes with the U.S. North Carolina First and Second Brigades. Pickett usually ordered any POW from these units hanged.

    And then there was the infamous Fort Pillow massacre. After taking the fort in 1964, General Nathan Bedford Forrest's men massacred many of the defenders who were either African-American or pro-Union whites from Tennessee.

    These are the true Southern heroes of the Civil War it was these gallant men who risked everything to preserve our Union. Now, where is their monument?

    Such a tribute is long overdue.

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