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View Diary: Dear President Obama, If you tax my health care benefits . . . (100 comments)

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    but . . . lemmings?  Read the thread.  There's a fair amount of disagreement out there.  Including several people calling me dumb.
    As for the WSJ, I had to suspend disbelief after . . .

    Mr. McCain has himself to blame for not defending his own reform ideas, during the debates and in TV ads, against attacks that have been misleading when not flat-out false.

    Hmm . . . outright lies?  Outright lies oh mighty WSJ?  When you ever publicly and loudly point out just one Republican flat out falsehood, I'll pay attention.
    WSJ.  Yeah.  Right.

    "I shall never surrender or retreat." --Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis

    by badger1968 on Fri May 22, 2009 at 06:08:57 PM PDT

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      I do apologize for the source.. you can never read WSJ without running into quite a bit of bull ;).  But it was the only link I knew about on the topic and there are some good points made.

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