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View Diary: The McCarran-Ferguson Act: A History of Insurance (28 comments)

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    #1. I'm willing to agree with you that the chances of getting a broad new law covering the insurance companies isn't likely to pass congress without the express backing of the insurance industry. They want the regulation they want to prevent activist state attorneys-general from getting involved. However, by repealing the law discussed here, they will face a slew of FTC, Sherman, and Clayton act regulations already on the books.

    #2. HMOs would be the ultimate juicy target of FTC and antitrust investigation. I'd envision winning several consent agreements and proceeding to then codify those with legislation.

    #3 & #4. I don't know the answer to that, but I'm willing to speculate: It's has to do with limited jurisdiction and the heavy political influence of insurance companies in state legislatures.

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