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View Diary: RECOUNT OHIO:Cobb/ Badnarik Fundraising Drive:$28,443 to go..FINAL PUSH (107 comments)

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  •  I Just Gave Another $150 (4.00)
    Come on, people - we're almost there!  Reach into that wallet one last time!!


    •  Well, as an indebted student who lost her job (4.00)
      I am very happy with myself indeedy, with my $5.00 donation. Hell, I remember Randi saying if everyone just gave a dollar who listens to her show ...

      So, I gave five times that :-)

      Btw, too many other things to sort thru, someone please elaborate a bit on what this recount means in REAL terms. Details! Details!


      Does it include the punch cards, the dimples and pimples?

      Is it statewide?

      What are they going to do about the paperless black box votes?

      Thanking all you Richie Rich's in advance.

      •  And what is Kerry doing with his $$$ ? (none)
        Is he contributing at all? After all those contributions we the people gave to him, and how desperate we were to have him win ...

        What's the story?

        •  Are the rules fairly similar in other states ... (none)
          In terms of paying for a recount?

          In Florida it was the closeness of the count that allowed for it.

          (Im assuming all states have that rule, but knowing this country's fucked up electoral system, the patchwork insanity of it all ... )

          But when its not close enough is this the rule for most/all states?

          All comers welcome ...

          I have just come off a hell of an assignment workload for school, so I havent been able to research this very thoroughly. It was tough having the election crap in the middle of crunch time, major shock and depression along with papers due. (Accelerated semester, squeezed into half the normal time)

          •  States differ (none)
            Nader is going for the NH recount for an number of reasons, but one is: he could initiate it with a 2K deposit.  He can start by counting a few precincts, and if he gets any interesting results he can expand as he chooses.  
      •  It's the end of the quarter (4.00)
        and I know how you feel...the student loans for the term are just about running out, and there's Christmas to think of...

        But since it is the integrity of our electoral process, the people's faith in democracy, and our country at stake...

        My measly $10 and (liberal Catholic--do these still count?) prayers are in.

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