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  •  Oil Shale- AGAIN?! (1+ / 0-)
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    For decades we have sunk millions of dollars of Federal money along with Private money from Oil Companies in this go-nowhere stuff. In order to extract the oil and make a decent profit we need 90 dollar a barrel oil. And we need that to be stable. FT fuels (oil from coal) is actually more viable than this crud, and that isn't saying much.

    Do you think the oil producing nations don't know this? Don't be stupid. They know where prices need to be to keep the competing technologies at bay. Unless we put a floor on the price of Oil (at least 50 bucks) then this will flop.   And what do we gain? Another dirty form of fuel, worse than conventially derived oil in terms of emissions (it takes almost as much energy to extract the oil as the oil produces). And it isn't like we haven't been supporting this technology for DECADES. How is that discriminating? If anything, we have been discriminating FOR this technology and it hasn't gone anywhere but into PR campaigns for ExxonMobil. As for all that oil in our continental shelf- enough to drop the price of oil a couple of cents a gallon(much less than the daily fluctuation in oil prices due to speculation)- what a joke. The only beneficiaries are the oil companies. And what, pray tell, happens in a worse case scenario if we NEED that oil (world war three, massive Embargo, Dog knows what). Why discriminate indeed....

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