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View Diary: For Memorial Day: How KBR Killed U.S. Soldiers (86 comments)

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  •  and a big "hell yeah" to that!! (3+ / 0-)
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    Why has noone asked him why he thinks it's okay to violate the LAW?  And about 5 dozen more questions along those lines.  And the media should have to answer a few questions themselves, like Why are you forcing us to listen to a proven liar?  A self-confessed criminal?  We freaking FIRED his entire political party just last year, and yet they put him up there as though he has equal standing with the POTUS we did elect.  
    In case I didn't make myself clear, hearing his voice or seeing his face makes steam come out of my ears.  And then I'm subjected to some news anchor telling me he's "going to go with Cheney on this, because what he said is so much easier to understand than what Obama had to say".  Gaaahhhh!

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