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  •  Hardly. Look at Denmark. They impose a 180% (1+ / 0-)
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    tax on the value of a car at the time of initial registration.  They also have some incentives for fuel efficiency but I am unaware of the details.

    And then there are the fuel costs.  Right now gas in Denmark is roughly $7.80/gallon, and the bulk of that goes towards taxes since they can obtain the raw fuel just as cheaply as the US ( or even cheaper due to their relationship to North Sea resources).  In comparison, excise taxes in the US for fuel are extremely wimpy, and the last time Congress considered a pathetic nickel/gallon tax increase, everyone there screamed bloody murder and ran away from the proposal.

    I really think countries like Denmark have it right.  Tax unsustainable behaviors according to the full costs that they are having on society.  Use those taxes to develop sustainable resources (wind) and behaviors (mass transit).  Denmark does have an advantage over the US in that their society is much more egalitarian and less stratified than the US.  However, the US ought to at least consider ramping up the excise taxes slowly over a number of years and invest those taxes in sustainable transport.  This way, impoverished owners of gas guzzlers will eventually be presented with better options and thus able to free themselves of being saddled with the costs of operating their old vehicles.

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