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    In the most traditional sense of the term, it'd be a partial one, at best.

    And while there could be sympathy and tolerance for such a partial family when that happens through no fault of its own, those who strive to create things which can't rightly be called families are not looked kindly upon.

    Not saying I agree with any of this, just answering what sounded like an honest question.

    Keep in mind though, that what I said about the tolerance for a partial family wasn't absolute, there'd still be firm but civil pressure for such a man to remarry so that there'd be a woman in the home.

    Now, me personally... I'm somewhat more flexible with all this. Even so, I'm not willing to rubberstamp any group of people a "family" just because they'd prefer the label be applied to them.

    I love my wife very much, but I'd never call the two of us a family unless and until we had children. So, reading all the comments in this diary, I suppose that makes me a bigot.

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