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View Diary: GOP Struggles To Avoid The Racism Label ... Fails (150 comments)

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  •  He was a shrewd political operator (9+ / 0-)

    16 years ago.  Wedge issues were all the rage and the Republican Base was larger then.  While some outside of the south might have winced at the accusation "Sotomayer is a racist," they would pick up some of the disaffected Dixiecrats who were truly Republicans in Democratic labeling.

    Now, he is trying the same tricks, but the demographics have changed.  The Republican Party purged the ideologically impure, embraced if not overt racism, at least covert racisim, and set about welding itself to old, white, straight, Christian (in name only) men of wealth.  

    America is different now.  The question is will he see the difference before he runs for the Presidency in 2012 and gets primaried out by Sarah Palin, or after.

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