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View Diary: GOP Struggles To Avoid The Racism Label ... Fails (150 comments)

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    Conservative website has gone really nuts today over the Sotomayor nomination. Roughly half of the articles are on that subject. Each article is followed by a Comments thread, and in four years of avid townhalling I have never seen such vitriol on this always-vile website. Sotomayor is being called a cleaning woman, ugly, a slut, a racist, stupid, crap, unqualified, incompetent etc etc. And I hear that Limbaugh got off some shots this morning, so no doubt many townhallers are playing Follow the Leader. Sotomayor's decisions, rulings, jobs, schooling, and virtue are all under attack. Her last name is made fun of. Obama is made fun of for correctly pronouncing "Puerto Rico". Puerto Rico is made fun of. I really really really hope that some Spanish language TV station is funneling every bit of it out to the Hispanic community and that they know how to get out the vote. Que viva Borinquen.

    PS When I posted something about Sotomayor's academic background, which includes her having gotten her BA Summa cum Laude, the townhall filter wouldn't let me use the word cum. I swear I am not making this up. And I noticed another liberal posting there today also got filtered for using that dirty phrase "Summa cum Laude".

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