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  •  Freedom and Opportunity. (none)
    Again, excellent work.

    My own take on using core principles to frame social and economic issues effectively and in opposition to the GOP is here:

    The idea is, Democrats believe in (social) Freedom and (economic) Opportunity. (I didn't tackle foreign policy.)

    The idea is to get government out of our lives, and let people make their own decisions, with the equal opportunity to do so. So while the GOP wants government out of the economy and into our lives (censorship, NCLB, abortion laws, marriage restrictions), Democrats want government out of our lives and into the economy.

    Marriage rights, free speech, legal abortion and de-centralized education are thus under the rubric of "freedom," which suggests less government involvement rather than more. Churches, too, are better off without government interference (why else would the US be so much more religious than Europe, which has a long history of government involvement in religion?).

    Freedom is a more appealing value than tolerance, I think, though in practice it can mean the same thing. Tolerance focuses on difference. Freedom focuses on what we have in common.

    And "opportunity," I think, provides a better way of talking about government assistance than, for instance, "helping the poor."

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