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  •  I don't think that means what you think it means.. (none)
    "Family values means not robbing your children to pay for an oil tycoon's tax cut."


    Family values means being heterosexual, or living in silent shame. Family values means sex only for procreation, only with your spouse, or suffering as much as possible with the unwanted pregnancy and STD that you deserve. Family values means passing on your wealth to your children, without any "death tax" getting in the way of your dynasty. Family values means obeying daddy, especially Daddy W.

    There are plenty of other phrases we can use to mean "not robbing your children to pay for an oil tycoon's tax cut." How about, "act with integrity." How about, "keep your promises." How about, "invest in our future." How about, "compassion."

    Let them keep "family values." After all, it means "Fuck you, unless you're Ward and June Cleaver." We can do better.

    •  sorry... (none)
      ...but can I get someone who isn't an apparently bigoted moron to reply to my suggestion that liberals and gay Americans can have families too?
      •  one here! (none)
        I'm a liberal and gay American, and I have a family.

        From your vitriolic ad hominem blathering, I can see you have run out of reasonable argument. I'll leave you to your impotent rage.

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