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View Diary: What the DNC Must Do: A Comprehensive Framework (120 comments)

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  •  i understand exactly. (none)
    By appropriating their "LANGUAGE," you are appropriating their "IDEAS."

    People do not think in terms of ideas. We think in images. We think in known, reinforced, reference concepts. By repeating their language, we repeat their ideas.

    Please go back and re-read my post.

    •  gaaaaaaaaaah! (none)
      No, we're not!

      THEIR ideas are bigotry and intolerance. They want to ban gay marriage. I am saying we should come out of the goddamn closet and argue FOR gay marriage because GAY MARRIAGE IS A FAMILY VALUE! Say it, have the GODDAMN NERVE TO SAY IT, over and over again!

      THEIR ideas on foreign policy involve invading random countries in the hopes that this will reduce terror. WE want to hunt down and kill the terrorists themselves through a combination of intelligence, police, and military action. Go on and say: DEMOCRATS ARE STRONGER ON TERROR! Have the COURAGE to say it, instead of trying to field-test and focus-group words about "defending liberty"! We will be better at killing terrorists because we will be smarter about killing terrorists and that makes us stronger on defense!

      The agenda has been set, and it's an agenda we can win. Ye gods! What is wrong with you!

      •  gosh (none)
        Gosh, you sure do talk a lot about "family values."

        So glad you've finally come around to seeing the importance of "family values." Why, Republicans have been the party of "family values" from day one!

        Maybe y'all will finally come around on the "war on terror" and "hard work."

        And when you do, the Republican Party will welcome you with open arms. Welcome home, son.

        (Whaddaya mean, he wants gay rights? That's not what I heard...)

        •  you're a moron (none)
          And you honestly have no clue what the hell I'm talking about.
          •  I see what you're saying, (none)
            but respectfully disagree. I think bobsquatch is entirely right. You're saying they don't live up to their own values. He's saying that it's not about "values," it's about the words we use to talk about them. If you can get as far as your longwinded explanation about no, no, this is the smart way to fight the war on terror, you'd be in great shape. The problem is that these words don't mean the same thing for you that they do for most of the nation, because Republicans won the definitional debate already. "Moral values" = their values. You don't get to change the definition. That's a much longer and harder task than what you're talking about, and it doesn't start with "you don't live up to moral values," it starts with "We think moral values are such-and-such." In other words, it begins with a constructive project that sets up a viable definitional alternative.

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