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View Diary: What the DNC Must Do: A Comprehensive Framework (120 comments)

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  •  Sorry, I don't think this is right (none)
    Republicans will have an advantage for as long as the war on terror continues; i.e., forever.

    We can use a phrase that's just as aggressive, but it must be a different phrase. By your argument Republicans couldn't frame the estate tax as a death tax because everybody always called it an estate tax.

    •  Estate tax is different (none)
      It hadn't come into mainstream use, it wasn't even much of an issue until the republicans started calling it "the death tax". The war is still being faught over this one, since it still isn't a totally mainstream concept... but if you had it repeated every night on the evening news for three years, I would concede that battle.

      The same way that terrorism had been faught before September 11th. The republicans gave it a name and now that's the mainstream accepted version. In fact, when you say "fighting terrorism isn't a war", you become a laughing stock, you're considered weak on terror, and all those other things the GOP love to push. No matter how much you're right, no matter how much idealism you have, you will never overcome this.

      What you CAN do is accept the usage of "war on terror" and come up with words for our strategy. The republicans haven't named their strategy for winning the war on terror, only that "we will not waver" and "we will fight the terrorists abroad so we do not need to fight them at home".

      But "the Bush doctrine" is buzzing in some circles. If we had our own doctrine, we could win this marketing war before they even have the change to try.

    •  One principle of frames (none)
      that Lakoff discusses is that facts bounce off already established frames. Replacing an established frame with a new frame is not as simple as proposing a preferable or even superior frame.

      There will be resistance to adopting a new frame from individuals as well as the media. That also begs the question of how we even disseminate a new frame without a media outlet. Replacing an old frame with a new one is more problematic than just brainstorming about a new and improved frame.

      How do we get the message out? That's why establishing the frame from the outset is so critical. He who frames first frames best, even if the initial frame is inferior.

      The world doesn't beat a path to the doorway of the person who invents a better mousetrap anymore, unless they have shelving rights at Target or Walmart.

      •  Consistency and Catchiness (none)
        Will get the frame used.  I don't think it's about having our own media outlet, its about hammering the message again and again and again.

        As DailyHowler has pointed out, the DNC is AWFUL about getting good, clear talking points to the talking heads.

        We need a DNC chair who can manage that.

        Brooklyn went 3:1 for Kerry, and we're still mad at the 1.

        by brooklynben on Mon Nov 15, 2004 at 03:28:53 PM PST

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