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  •  another core principle suggestion (none)
    Global Leadership

    i like it better than "Protecting Freedom", and about as well as "Strategic Defense".  like "Responsible Legacy" which i suggested before, it means a lot of things to a lot of people:

    • a strong military
    • an ability to lead global coalitions and work within international institutions
    • setting the international standard for environmental protections, workplace conditions and human rights

    it also dovetails nicely with "Responsible Legacy" and the concept of legacy/heritage (i discussed this upstream).  consider the following sentence:

    "We must leave a responsible legacy to our children, one which maintains our cherished heritage of global leadership"

    this could be used in a speech before the UN, before the Sierra Club, before the SEIU, in a declaration of war... just mix and match.

    finally, it supercedes the republican core principle of "strong defense" in a way that i think we like: ie, we're not just for a strong defense, we're for a strong defense that is used effectively in concert with our allieas.

    again, i like this as well as "strategic defense"; i just thought i'd propose an alternative and argue for it.

    .. a letter to the editor a day keeps Bush away

    by kosaddict on Tue Nov 16, 2004 at 06:06:03 AM PST

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