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View Diary: Obama chooses ambassador to the Vatican (307 comments)

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  •  Or the Church in US denying it here...same is Ire (6+ / 0-)

    Church action in the US over the massive, organized sexual abuse of kids is indefensible.

    The Church covered it up while it was going on, worked hard to prevent it from becoming known, attacked those its agents had sexually abused and fought against any compensation, going through fake "bankruptcies" when they lost hard fought court cases.

    Cases in which there was no doubt of the Church's guilt, the only question was could the Church smear the victims and hide the evidence to avoid conviction.

    Add to that Church's fight against women's rights on choice, gay rights in supporting Prop. 8 and other measures.

    The Catholic Church has no moral standing in US or the world and should not be rewarded by US with any ambassador.

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