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    1. I want an investigation to find out whether this was the activity of a few bad apples, or part of something okayed by higher-ups. I don't want to draw the conclusion that these incidents were isolated...I don't want to draw ANY conclusion. I want an investigation to find out.
    1. I, of course, want an investigation of those incident which...well, we pretty much KNOW...were criminally approved by the Bush administration.
    1. We The People have done ourselves no service...actually disgraced NOT demanding accountability for the torture that's already been revealed. I see these photos as one last hope to spark outrage by the American people. If we fail to respond to even THESE kinds of abuses...then we are not much better than the enemies we condemn.

    THEY coddle terrorists; WE coddle torturers.

    Pretty disgusting in my book.

    When a government violates the unalienable rights of the people, it loses its legitimacy.

    by Rayk on Thu May 28, 2009 at 09:50:45 AM PDT

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