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View Diary: Kansas Doctor, Abortion Provider, Assassinated in Church (472 comments)

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  •  Not just him/her, but the entire group behind the (6+ / 0-)

    person as well.  

    And make donating money to them a crime as it was for the Holy Land Foundation who gave money to Hammas.  Those brown-skinned people have been sentenced to many years in Federal prison.  And, if it turns out that white-skinned people were behind, funded, encouraged this person?  The same treatment, including their donors.  

    If not, then the law is hypocritical on it's face.

    I'm no supporter of Hammas, but there has been a very casual indifference to the treatment of financial donors, depending on the particular terrorist beliefs they hold. Killing abortion doctors is OK, while funding infant formula, childrens' schools, and supplying food is not?  Strange....

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