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View Diary: Tiller Suspect Known By Friends as Believer in "Justifiable" Murder of Doctors (312 comments)

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  •  Oh man (3+ / 0-)
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    Jer 1:5 shows God assigns missions to us even before conception;

    This takes the cake.  Didn't this God screw up his plan and creations so badly that he decided to abdicate his parental role and just drown all but a handful of them in a 40 day flood.

    In my mind I have this cartoon image of these three old testament looking guys standing on the deck of the ark, rain coming down in the background, the ark begins to float away, and we see these three guys holding signs that proclaim, "God affirms life", "God loves the innocent children", "Our god is an awesome, loving God."  As a wall of water destroys all of his creation.

    wish I could draw.

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