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View Diary: Tiller Suspect Known By Friends as Believer in "Justifiable" Murder of Doctors (312 comments)

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  •  Sure. Sure. Reduce it to the lone gunman. Y Not? (9+ / 0-)


    Nobody acts alone.

    All these Christian Talibans knew that it would take another small push for another "Shelley Shannon" to pop out. They just need to keep the negative rhetoric and hatemongering up....eventually one will succeed to put the bullet.

    Everyone who have fed him garbage to commit this act is guilty. So don't you dare reduce this terrorism to ONE single individual.

    Were it not for the Operation Rescue and their anti-abortion fanatics ...this man would not have done this. Period.

    Now these Fundies are internally rejoicing although pretending to be out there "praying" for Tiller and keep repeating the mantra that he is not representative of all anti-abortion groups...really??? How many more are hidden closet militants?? How different are they from al-Qaeda terrorists???

    They kill anyone who do not conform and follow their way of life. Now how many more women who need Dr. Tiller's help are jeopardized?

    They harrassed him. They bombed his clinic. They shot both his arms. And now finally his life. It's ALWAYS 'THEY'!

    This killer belonged to a GROUP advocating "justified homocide". So plz, don't water down the facts. It's disingenuos and humiliating to the late Dr. Tiller and his family.

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