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  •  Our 3 children would not be here (3+ / 0-)
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    there would be another instead and maybe others but not them. It was a choice we made early in our relationship when we were still in our early college years. Our subsequent schooling and careers diverged a bit and about 10 years after our choice when we were back together and living in California and were married we had our firstborn and his sister and brother within a few years. They would not exist if we had not made the decision we did and the lives we touched and the places we lived would have been completely different. Who can say better worse or just different. But our 3 would not be and there is no way either of us would choose to go back and change our decision since it would mean they would never have been born and a part of our lives. Because we choose when to be parents we choose who will be born... we don't know who exactly but our choice brings them into being...and that is the mothers choice either alone or along with the father.

    All babies born later to mothers who previously had an abortion would not be alive today if the termination that preceded them had not been performed. That amounts to millions of people who were chosen to be at a later time who would not be alive today if there was no option to terminate. How do "Pro-Lifers" feel about them. Do they question whether all these people deserve to live since their lives are at the "expense" of potential siblings who could have come before?

    If "Prolifers thought this through would they maybe conclude that these "later children" born instead of ones who were ordained from on high are abominations in the sight of an all powerful being whose will has been thwarted? If so how should they be perceived? Should they be rounded up into camps and "dealt" with? Do they even have souls...? Or is a choice for a termination "Gods Will" as well since we are supposedly granted free will and the wish to make choices that lead to a greater good? And if not what about the judge not lest ye be judged stuff?? Vengeance is mine saith the big guy... jealous god and all... not look kindly on assassinations and murder of anyone. And what about spontaneous abortions? Being natural and presumably intended by the deity if they exist? There are far more spontaneous abortions/miscarriages than intentional ones performed by people... that makes God (if you believe that everything happens for a purpose) the worlds biggest abortionist by far...whether you start counting in 4004 BC or 1 million BC or even earlier. And if so since "He moves in mysterious ways" why can't he induce a person to choose to terminate as just another route to fine tuning the desired outcomes of the big plan...

    Every time a woman miscarries they open up a totally new set of possible conceptions in the future. Every one of us whose mother miscarried before our own conception owes our lives to that "Natural" termination. The time spent carrying to term, nursing and nurturing would change all subsequent spacing, timings of ovulations and every other factor linked to later births; the specific set of circumstances leading up to our own origin would not have existed. And the majority of miscarriages are undetected; fertilized eggs not implanting or not progressing after an early stage due to any one of quite a large number of causes. Some are due to a severe genetic or developmental flaw and would never have progressed. Others may just be a fluke: an infection, a nutritional deficit, a quirk of the implantation, even an emotional extreme and could have otherwise continued. We are all accidents in one way or another... Wonderful accidents based on very mundane random factors. (my youngest brother would not be here if the pregnancy that came before his had not been an ectopic pregnancy that had to be surgically terminated and an ovary removed... He was born less than 2 years later.)

    The lottery of a particular genetic match up for a conception has odds of at least billions to one considering the millions of sperm that are produced every day and all the eggs that a woman produces every year up to 12 or more (double ovulations can make it quite a few more). Making love a little later or any other variation in timing means a different genetic match up. But we are not just random dice throwers all the time. We make choices and we make mistakes and we try to chose remedies that seem like they will have the best outcome. If a person who has not finished school or is too immature or lacks the means to properly support an infant terminates a pregnancy they are also choosing the option to have a baby later. And that baby whenever or if it comes and any subsequent  siblings will have a better chance at life with a mother who chooses and is more ready for them. Every choice involving procreation is a powerful one from month to month the wide open possibilities of the ultimate identity of a person is a huge unknown. Does any one of us feel we have the non-being of countless millions of potential humans on our consciousness?

    If there was a Deity who was all powerful who could keep track of all the sperm on the planet, trillions of them at any given time, and somehow influence the coming together of specific ones with specific eggs at the opportune point in time to ensure that a particular person was conceived as part of a master plan for the fulfillment of history... well then, terminations would seem to be against the will of the almighty. Or maybe not, being a big picture kind of ruler of the universe makes a bit more sense instead of taking care of every last detail in the entire cosmos... or is is just our own special little corner that inexplicably is the focus of such an omnipotent being... It would seem that he'd set up things to run a bit more independently...

    So do we have free will... supposedly yes, at least up to a point... and choosing to have a wanted baby who will have the best chance to be loved, have a better chance at being healthy and educated live a full life would presumably suit a Supreme Being perhaps a bit better. Does a higher power want as many unwanted kids brought up in as compromised and difficult conditions as possible so that they will more likely flock to fundamentalist congregations so there will be more hypocrisy, fear and hate of other people who believe that they can make certain moral choices?

    And at the very least if there was a greater power in the universe who actually paid some attention to our little world, they would not hate people like our 3 now grown children who would not be here if we were not allowed to make the choice that we did.

    Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie

    by IreGyre on Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 03:26:28 PM PDT

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