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  •  The point is (3+ / 0-)

    that abortion is an issue because denying it is a way for patriarchal society to control women.  Those who really care about babies can find plenty of ways to help them. The rest is all rhetoric and ideology without regard to the real dilemmas faced by real people.
     It's brave and wonderful of you to tell your story. Those who truly respect women realize that framing a law that reaches into the boundaries of someone else's body is an act of disrespect.

    Many women have told their stories and it has had an impact.  But like so much else these days, there is a loud group of mostly men who listen to no one and care little about anyone except their own access to power.

    Sadly I find that since the election this group of racists and sexists has become louder and more outrageous. The comments about Sotomayor have really offended me.  I fear this group of crazies will continue to use violence to harm good people and that the cheerleaders who urge them on will continue to get away with incitement to murder. Bloody hands, indeed.

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