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    I lived in Europe for two years (UK and Austria).  Europeans are fantastically more willing than Americans to walk more than 100 meters.

    And even in Europe, it did not escape my notice that the trend is towards development that is more auto-oriented, more dispersed, with more big-box stores and larger houses.  

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      And so the UK is getting (has?) the same suburban/urban gridlock that the US sufferes.

      However, I do understand BR has now got funding to upgrade some express lines and the city taking measures to get things under control with electronic road pricing and inproving the Metros.

      When did you live in the UK?  For about the past 10 years they had a big financial boom (now over) that really did boost over-consumption but thoses days seem to be gone.

      Your observation on big box stores is interesting.  This phenomina of globalization seems to have affected regions in different ways. As you note, in the US and parts of Europe it seems to go hand-in-hand with Auto oriented transportation/development.

      In Asia, particularly China it has had almost the opposite effect since the Big Boxes soon realized building huge stores in the middle of nowhere accomplished only that. So they have evolved into (a) smaller stores in established market areas (already served by mass transit) and; (b) big main stores, maybe 1 or 2 per city, located above major train stations.

      Both Japan and China developed rail in the late 19th Century with many of the major lines owned by Import-Export Companies or Merchants. Most of the subways in Tokyo were built by Department Stores whith major branches at both ends of the lines (originally) with your return trip covered by coupons from purchases in the stores.

      This is the root of the modern TOD (Transit Oriented Development) model and when I lived in Germany I found they had a similar history in some cities.

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