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  •  First, how close are you to ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... a proposed Regional HSR corridor? If its not too far away, the strategy to shift from the settlement pattern that public policy has put in place in that area to to one that is more sustainable could well involve:

    (1) Establishing the location of the HSR station ... or given the extent, possibly stations ... state and Federal support are critical to getting this up and running as the fulcrum, but its an excellent starting point.

    (2) Given the HSR station(s) as anchors, identify the most promising line of travel for a Rapid Streetcar service. This will depend in part on existing and  legacy rail rights of way in the area ... while the Southeast was not as well endowed with interurbans connecting almost all small towns to big and medium sized cities as the Great Lakes and Midwest, there are often alignments that even residents are unaware existed.

    (3) Zoning easements are provided for the target infill development centers ... often original town centers ... of perhaps 1/2 a mile in length, returning to the rail corridor to run through ... operating inside the corridor from one stretch to another.

    (4) Short circulator bus loops connect origins and destinations to the rail backbone, with integrated ticketing and scheduling.

    Once the rail corridor is established, it will of course begin to attract development, so over time the pattern of destinations will become less sprawling and more clustered. And then that will make it easier to combine trips, and permit greater energy efficiency by motorists.

    In the background, the existing cross-subsidies from existing development to new greenfield development is eliminated, so greenfield developments have to pay the cost of their establishment, including cost of integrating them into the transport system, while infill development is given a discount reflecting the greater cost efficiency of providing services to infill sites. IOW, stop bribing developers to behave in the way that creates the problem in the first place.

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