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  •  It is what it is ... in living color! (4.00)
    I certainly have a clear impression that Kos is a Democrat. Many of us are not. Many are Green, some are Yippies, many are independent, and the odd anarchist pops up from time to time. It is an open blog, where all views are expressed and debated. The Kossacks tend to run Progressive, Left, Democrat or whatever isn't to far to the right.

    I think there is a big mistake being made. The label indicating our positions on some putative spectrum is, well, total bullshit. We all wear gaments made up of threads on individual issues. Hundreds, maybe thousands of threads, each of which can be placed on a spectrum from green to red. It is perhaps accurate to say that you don't see too much red in our intellectual coats. But many green and blue threads.

    I'd like to add yellow to the color scheme, for the cowradly bigots who propose constitutional amendments to discriminate against gays, or who would sacrifice civil rights because of a few threats.

    But stop with the monochromatic pigeonholes, please!

    I'm a linguist, licensed to use words any way I want to!

    by MakeChessNotWar on Mon Nov 15, 2004 at 07:00:19 PM PST

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    •  I swear I didn't use ESP (none)
      this is something I'm working on you might like to help with.

      Red Green Blue Politics.... what color are you...

      Replacing RightToLeft

      Yellow, interestingly enough, is a Warlike Steward... so I think it fits your hope.  Feel free to post the sample diary yourself with or without editing if you do want to help with this idea.

      And if this idea isn't your cup of tea keep me in mind as an ally in bringing the world of color to the political spectrum.  This blue-red nonsense has played right into our hands... <evil laugh>

      •  I'm a moderate radical pragmatic independent dem (4.00)
        Which puts me in the pragmatic catagory. Basically, I am for equality over religion secular over orthodox. Small effient gov. over wastful large government. Progressive taxation because that is where the money is to strengthen the country. Leaving a better country and world for our children. Live and let live as long as you respect others views. Solutions that take into account all interest as being equal and compensating effected parties to one degree or another. Democrates are losing election for a number of reasons and one is letting the other side define them and not defining the other side. All or nothing thinking over slow progress toward our goals. One size fits all solutions over basic agreeable goals. We have been fighting to keep Roe v wade without talking about how to lower abortion rates (Education being the big one)
        Taking about gun violence without upseting rual america. Budget and principals with defining what they are. Letting the media off the hook without pointing out it's failure.
        Corporate america is bad without understanding that is who employs many in america. Seeding Values to the Republicans without talking about Greed and excess. This list could go on and on.. The dems need reform and the establishment can't do it. Dean would be my second choice at this time but Rosenberg would be my pick. The govenor of iowa would be farther down the list. Of course I think that they need to offer their vision and priorities at least semi publically.
        I have been critical of the DLC but understand the frame they were operating in and think that they are reform orientated and that yesterday is gone and being upset over yesterday brings us no closer to solutions. They have an interesting post  
        On reform that is inline with what we are saying in one way or another on this democratic big tent BLOG.....

        So lets not miss the view for the trees in the way... Think Big go for broke never lose your hopes and dreams. Respect the truth above all else and always be pragmatic with your pricipals or else you will get none of what you want and little of what we need.

        Lots of people see the world in Black and White. It is mostly just shades of grey.

        by Davinci on Mon Nov 15, 2004 at 08:18:27 PM PST

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