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  •  Illogical? (none)
    Kos, as much as I like and respect you, and agree that nobody should pin labels on this blog, I usually chafe at contradictions and illogical ones at that... such as you saying dKos endorsed Stephanie Herseth, who supported the "Hate Amendment".   Well, regardless of whether the site endorsed Herseth or not, if you call it the "Hate Amendment", that's tantamount to being a bit ideological, isn't it?   Not that I favored that amendment; I was against it.    You certainly have the right to endorse Herseth and take a principled stand against bad legislation.    But pointing out that you endorsed Herseth, and then in the same sentence, saying she supported the "Hate Amendment" which you opposed, is like shooting yourself in the foot; it's counterproductive and makes you look a bit illogical.    That undermines your message and your very cool site.  

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