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  •  great big leap... (3.00)
    It's not true that we all agree abortion is ugly.  If a woman decides to abort a week after conception, big deal.  It's a choice, not ugly at all, in my opinion.  If it happens 8 months in, yeah, I think that's pretty ugly.  Where's the line?  I don't know, but they're both called "abortion".
    •  8 months in (none)
      is very rare I believe and usually only for medical reasons.  Feel free to correct me.

      Socially libertarian, Fiscally conservative, 100% Democrat. Cheney unity!

      by No One No Where on Tue Nov 16, 2004 at 03:31:34 AM PST

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    •  It's UGLY as UGLY as one can get! (none)
      What would you say the same if the man was able to use the same rights as a woman? Where a woman got pageant and the father could have it removed from her body. by simpling saying I do not want to have a child... I am exercising my right to a man's abortion? One week or not, would that be something you would want to take a part in? If not, then you too deep down in side feel it is UGLY.
      •  asdf (none)
        No, of course, I wouldn't say the same thing because the analogy is ludicrous.  On one hand we're talking about a woman deciding not to have a child, and on the other we're talking about the father forcing the woman not to have the child.  The former is regular ol' abortion.  The latter is forced abortion which, in a sense, is akin to making abortion illegal because in both cases the woman's right to choose is infringed.

        I honestly don't understand your reasoning.

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