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    and I'm in agreement. I'm probably a lot more liberal than Dean but I'm also pragmatic. I also love someone who says what they think and Dean did that. He helped me feel proud to be a Democrat, to be a U.S. citizen again.

    I'd like to say to the poster above this, too that I think the definition of "liberal" is something we've allowed to be done by the far right. I know what I think a "liberal" is and what I think a "centrist" is but others may differ on the fine points.

    Our problem is that we are not defining ourselves, the right wing is defining us. This is why I hoped we'd be able to reconcile under the "progressive" label if we need a label, because we believe in progress. Progress for the country, for the whole human race and the planet. We believe in progress in health care, education, helping those less fortunate, progress in realizing a common human goal to improve all of our conditions.

    Unfortunately, the far right grabbed it and latched it onto the "liberal/libertine/evil/godless/unChristian/pro-abortion/pro-murder/pro-criminal/crooked/crazy/whate ver" and so again we've been left without a title, as it were.

    The "wing'nuts" can always say the are "right" and the very meaning and sound of the word gives them legitimacy that "left" doesn't have.

    They do know how to use language and the "sound bite".

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