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  •  I have to admit that what's false is true? (none)
    No, I don't have to admit any such thing.  My ethics are rooted in my upbringing, which had no religious element.  Tracing them further, they are rooted in human culture, which is rooted in human biology as a social species.
    •  And when you think about it (none)
      - basic morality must have predated religion by eons. After all, the latter depends on language, a rather recent development. If our evolutionary ancestors hadn't been biologically disposed for altruism - at least within the primary social group - then the hominid line would have crashed and burned long before that.

      Europeans are to Americans what Greeks were to Romans. Educated slaves. - Luigi Berzini

      by Sirocco on Tue Nov 16, 2004 at 04:16:00 AM PST

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