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    Having read the first third of this thread earlier today, and briefly glancing at the new posts (I've got to get up early tommorrow) I'm taking the chance that the general gist hasn't changed.  I hope this is relevant.  Flame me mercilessly if it's not:

    I've come to realize that there are a number of things that don't work right in our country and are unlikely to ever change in meaningful ways if left to our leaders in Washington.  Any real change can only come at the prodding of a unified electorate.  

    What are the problems that the vast majority of Americans could agree need fixing?  Well, there are many issues for which the majority could not agree on the right course of action, the ones the media labels hot button.  But shouldn't there be some problems which the majority could agree need fixing and, further, could agree on what the fix should be?

    What if there was a list of, say, ten fixes that the overwhelming majority of voters agreed on.  Let's say these ten items would be so obviously the right things to do, that this voting bloc would forsake their party affiliation and agree to vote for any candidate who would pledge to fix this list of ten problems.

    Successful candidates would lose support if they went back on the pledge and new problems could be added to the list of ten, should the original ones be solved.  Alright , I know I'm overly optimistic here, but bear with me.  So what are ten problems that most of us (and I mean most Americans -- not most progressives or conservatives or moderates) could agree on?  

    Well, I don't know for sure, but I can guess on some that might pass the test.  Here is my partial list, and I would welcome knowing yours.  Can we find ten points of agreement on dKos even?  Am I deluding myself?  What's the frequency, Kenneth?

    I.   Uniform ballots, uniformly counted and uniformly verifiable by the voter for all national offices

    II.  Gradually increasing maximum class size for each grade level through high school combined with mandatory nine months of unpaid primary school service for high school graduates

    III.  Eliminate campaign advertising, but allow debates, speeches, position papers, etc. that are presented through the appropriate media via federal funding and regulation

    IV.   National minimum wage level calculated to allow the resulting increase in federal income tax proceeds to pay for a national health plan and allow businesses to shift health plan expenses to employee wages

    V.  Accrual accounting for federal budget, or some way other way to stop the financial chicanery that allows things like social security insolvency  and deficit spending

    VI.  Income tax credit for voting, or serving on a jury or other non-paid govermental bodies

    VII  Comprehensive energy plan linked to greenhouse gas reduction

    VIII.  Something to eliminate lobbying industry, or at least cripple its power.  Ideas?

    IX.  ???

    X.  ???

    •  Get the money out of it (none)
      VIII.  Something to eliminate lobbying industry, or at least cripple its power.  Ideas?

      This one's easy (well, you know: "easy").  Simply make it illegal for lobbying organizations to give money to candidates or politicians.  Their jobs are to lobby--that is, communicate to a candidate or politician the correctness of their view on a particular matter and the incorrectness of the opposition.  They shouldn't be in the business of giving their money to anybody.  If they want to use their organizations' money for REALLY fancy PowerPoints instead of mere fancy PowerPoints, more power to 'em.

      •  Ah, but (none)
        what if their chosen delivery method for communicating their view was a $1,000 an hour escort service? ;-)
        Seriously though, you're right, that would work.  Course if federal funding for elections passed, the need for lobbyist money would evaporate. LOL If, if, if.  
        Thanks for the response.  

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