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  •  Daily Kos is a liberal blog no question about it!! (none)
    I have had other posters that work at my company get kicked off for posting non-liberal remarks. After  recommended the site I took a lot of crap from them.  I am a centrist nether left nor right. I see people get troll-stomped all the time here. unlike some other Blog site I visit, here there is no RIGHT wing present what so ever.  That makes it a liberal blog.  Can anyone name a right wing poster that is allowed to post pure right wing propaganda? Not that I would agree with it, but everyone should be allowed a voice if this site is going to be Considered non-bias.
    •  not liberal --democratic, like the man said (none)
      •  If true than answer the question! (none)
        Name a Pro-Rightwinger here. I will take the time to read there postings and see I was wrong. But I don't think you can find one. This is as liberal a site as you can get. Here us non-liberals are careful what we say. That a said truth, that no one has be able to dispute. Just find ONE its not like i am asking for alot. One voice that speaks from the other side shouldn't be all that hard to find. Even the Pro rightwing FOX network can pull that one off.
        •  pro-Right winger? You mean, pro-Republican? (none)

          The Democratic party is not the Republican party.  

          Centrist views are more than accepted.  Discussions flourish from most of the p.o.v.s on the Democratic spectrum.  Republican views, call them conservative or right wing, as you prefer, are not at home here.  Why should they be?

          Your comments are pointless.

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