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  •  Vocabulary is a breach (none)
    Vocabulary is the greatest hurdle that we need to overcome when talking to the right.  I believe that the right purposely distorts the vocabulary through the frames that they develop, and this causes a breach in reality between the right and left.

    For example, every conversation about Communism always leads to problems for me because I am talking about Marxism, and they are talking about Stalinism.  They think Hitler was a Socialist.

    It is getting worse these days because so called liberals are staking out a conservative position: defending the gains that liberalism has offered, and the right is fostering change in a radical way, which can hardly be called conservative.

    I find that the soft right is usually quite receptive to liberal arguments, once the vocabulary is nailed down.  Most of the disagreements occur over solutions, there is usually agreement on the problem.  

    Your 'jedi mind trick' on those soft conservatives is a simple appeal to the dictionary and a clearing up of the dissonant vocabulary of the right and left.

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